Dermatologic/Skin Procedures

If deemed medically necessary, excisions/biopsies of skin lesions are most often covered by health insurance.  Check with our office for insurance coverage.


We are asked frequently about financing plastic cosmetic surgery operations.

The fees for cosmetic surgery are payable before the surgery. These fees would include those for the surgeon, the facility (ambulatory surgery center or office) and the anesthesiologist if one is needed.

We do give quite accurate estimates of cost to individuals before surgery. To provide an accurate estimate of cost, a consult is necessary. An estimated cost of the procedures discussed during your consultation will be provided to you following your appointment.

Currently, our office accepts most major credit cards and debit cards as a method of payment, as well as personal checks and cash.

We are also participants in CareCredit. Contact our office at 585 225 0680 or visit for more information about CareCredit for both cosmetic and other procedures not covered by insurance.

Consider your priorities in financing cosmetic procedures. Some individuals benefit so much from surgery that the value of the result is incalculable. Cosmetic surgery can be a high priority in many individuals’ lives. Only you reasonably know about the cost effectiveness of your procedure.