Dr. Capuano and his experienced staff have the goal of providing options for treatment, teaching and the recommendation for preventative skin care.  If necessary, biopsies and or removal may be performed most often at the first office visit if compatible with your schedule.

Dr. Capuano has found methods to relatively easily, reliably, safely and with usual predictable results, provide dermatologic surgical procedures such as mole removal, skin cancer removal and treatment, irritated lesions, 'old age' spots and so forth..

Suspicious specimens can be sent to pathology for analysis. Time saving, expense saving and customized care are few of the benefits of selecting Dr. Capuano as your skin specialist.There is no need to go to an outpatient center costing hundreds of dollars when office surgery is available.

Plastic surgeons are known for treating aging skin and Dr. Capuano is experienced with a range of procedures which are performed by the well trained nursing and aesthetic staff.