medical spa treatments 

  A variety of non-surgical treatments are available to address each individual’s skin care concerns.  Weather it be enlarged pores, discoloration, lax skin or simply the desire to maintain the healthy appearance of one’s skin, the following procedures may be helpful in meeting your needs.  The benefits of these procedures in comparison to a more invasive treatment or surgery include a lesser risk of complications, and little down time/recovery if any.

A series of MediSpa treatments followed by maintenance treatments are recommended to achieve and preserve an improved complexion.   With the numerous non-surgical options availabe, it may be overwhelming and confusing to identify which would be ideal to address your individual concerns.  Schedule a facial or consultation to discuss which treatments would be best suited to enhance your look.

Chemical peels

This form of chemical exfoliation is designed to treat mild to severe skin conditions including photo damaged skin, fine lines, pigmentation abnormalities, acne and acne scaring.  SkinMedica’s in office chemical peels will smooth the tone and texture of your skin, revealing a healthier complexion.  Three different strengths of medical grade peels are offered (illuminize, vitalize and rejuvenize), allowing your skin care necessities to be met. Together you and your aesthetician will discuss the options and choose the peel that would be ideal for you.



This form of mechanical exfoliation enhances your skin’s health by utilizing a physical exfoliation process that will minimize the appearance of pores and blackheads by removing dead, dull skin cells.

IPL- (Intense Pulse Light)

Restore the complexion’s youthful appearance and overall clarity by reducing age spots, facial veins, pore size, and discoloration remaining from acne.  IPL builds collagen leaving your skin looking and feeling, softer, smoother and more firm.


Filler injections smooth deep wrinkles, folds and crevices and plump sunken areas of the face.  Volumizing fillers aid in restoring a more youthful look.


Reduce the appearance of your toughest wrinkles.  Botox and Xeomin relax muscles to smooth crow’s feet, frown lines and fine lines of the forehead.  The number of injections will depend on the severity of your wrinkles and their location.


Exilis- (non invasive skin tightening/ body contouring)

Reduce wrinkles and/or contour areas of the body with the most powerful and effective non invasive procedure available today!  This FDA approved device offers a non-surgical solution for tissue tightening and/or fat reduction anywhere on the face or body with little to no downtime or restrictions.

Laser Hair removal/reduction

Laser hair removal is a fast, safe and effective way to remove and reduce unwanted dark hair. Monthly treatments recommended until desirable results have been achieved.