For various reasons certain men have excess tissue in the chest area. Tissue may appear in the chest that may be fat or actual breast tissue. In theory, all men have the potential to develop breast tissue. Whether or not this happens depends on heredity, amounts of various hormones, the presence of medications, percent of body fat and many other factors.

In some cases, the extra tissue can be removed by suction contouring alone. This might mean that the incisions near the nipple might not be needed. The Doctor will discuss this with you.

Depending on the extensiveness of the procedure, the operation can be done using either “twilight” sleep or general anesthesia. The surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.

During surgery, the contour of the chest is tailored to match the rest of the body. Tailoring is different for every person, and the Doctor will discuss this with you.

A consultation is required for information specific to each individual’s needs.