Different surgeons use different techniques and treatments for similar conditions and problems. The following is my view and a compendium of my training,experience and studies.

Chin Reduction

I have been asked questions about chin reduction. The following is a brief comment about chin reduction. Chin reduction can be a simple or a complex procedure.

Several questions need to be addressed in planning chin reduction.

Is the individual’s ‘bite’ satisfactory? If the alignment of the teeth is not within the generally acceptable limits of normal, then a consultation with an oral surgeon would be appropriate. Realignment of the jaws may be needed. This is can be extensive surgery. Multiple opinions would be prudent before going ahead as there may be differing approaches to the surgery. These can not be discussed here.

If the occlusion of the teeth is fairly satisfactory, then reduction of the ‘mentum’ or chin can usually be accomplished.

It is important to realize that the ‘chin’ is more than just bone. There is overlying muscle, some fat, and skin. In planning the reduction, bone, muscle and other tissues need to be figured into the equation.

Healing is usually rapid within the mouth. Absorbable sutures are used in most cases. Pain is usually slight to moderate and controlled with just a few pain pills.

Be aware that the changes after surgery may not be apparent to even close friends. The individual having the surgery, of course, should notice some change.