You are interested in information about the surgical procedure for correction of a nasal problem. This may involve breathing problems, (internal) reconstructive or cosmetic problems, (external), or a combination of internal and external complaints. The corrective procedures are called nasalplasty (referring to the visible nose) and septalplasty (referring to the internal nose).


At the time of your first office visit, Dr. Capuano will discuss the surgical procedure with you. If you have problems such as airway obstruction, post nasal drip, headaches, etc., you may have a deviated septum. Dr. Capuano will look into your nose with a very thin scope to determine if this is the case. Most insurance companies will cover septal surgery if medically indicated, meaning if you have symptoms.

If you are interested in a cosmetic change, Dr. Capuano will discuss possible goals of surgery with you. Cosmetic surgery is not usually covered by insurance companies, unless it is a result of an accident or injury with supporting documentation. You should check with your particular insurance carrier regarding possible insurance coverage.


For patients having nasal-septal surgery, general anesthesia is usually used as septal deviations may go deep into the nose.


It is a rare person that has a face that is completely symmetric. This includes the nose. You may notice from pictures taken at different angles that there are differences in the sides of the noses. Many people have one profile they prefer over the other. Most fashion models do not have totally symmetric noses. In fact true facial symmetry, including nasal symmetry, is quite rare.

You may have unequalness following surgery. This is usually not very noticeable to most but in certain cases, secondary procedures may be needed in an attempt to improve symmetry of the nasal-septal complex.

Photographs will be taken before, possibly during and after your surgery. If photographs have not been taken, please let us know.