The use of small diameter cannulas (a tube through which fat is suctioned) for removal of fat is not new. Liposuction was introduced to the United States by Dr Illouz in about 1982. Rapidly techniques evolved. When attending meetings in 1982, cannulas were available that were very small. Personally I was using a 3.2 mm ‘Fornier’ multi-port cannula in 1982 for suction contouring of the neck and face.

Dr Fornier was one of the French surgeons who pioneered the development of the liposuction techniques that were introduced into the states. He mainly advocated the ‘dry’ technique where fat was removed with out the addition of fluid, a technique which is rarely used today.

Dr Fornier did, however, use very small cannulas for fat suction as noted. These small cannulas were used mainly in the face and neck area.

In summary, small cannula liposuction has been around since the introduction of the technique into the US. Dr Capuano has used these cannulas for that length of time.

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