Removal of excessive skin and/or fat of the abdominal area.This procedure is known as ABDOMINOPLASTY TUMMY TUCK, abdominal lipectomy. It is also called a Mommy Makeover if combined with breast augmentation – enlargement or lifting.

This procedure is usually considered an extensive procedure. It may last anywhere from three to five hours and sometimes more, depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be treated and the amount of fat suction. Attempts are made to keep incisions low within the panty line.

Suction removal of excess fat in the flank and hip area may be indicated during this procedure. After excess tissue is removed, the muscles and tissues of the “belly” may be tightened, and the “belly button” re positioned.

This procedure does not remove all fat. There will be fat remaining as it is impossible to remove all of the fat.

Following your surgery, you will have a dressing in place.
Drains may be used, and you will be given information regarding the care of the dressings and drains.

You will be given medications for swelling, infection and discomfort. If you plan on staying anywhere other than your own home following surgery, notify the office. We need to be able to contact you after surgery.

What happens if you gain or lose weight?

This can change the results of surgery dramatically and significantly.
Areas that have little fat can pouch out as an “island” of fat.

This seems to happen especially when the person is overweight to
start with. Weight loss or gain can accentuate irregularities. There are ways to improve such conditions if they should occur.

Much more information about this procedure is available during the office consultation.

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